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Arctic Frontiers 2024: Actions & Reactions

We know that climate change is happening and why, but there is a lack of action, only reaction. Simultaneously, global developments in geopolitics, security, and green transition force the Arctic to react. The Arctic has bountiful resources and a strategic location, both of global significance. But what does it take to incite proactive measures? We […]

Arctic Frontiers Student Forum

Tromsø, Norway

The Arctic Frontiers Student Forum 2024 brings together students from Northern Norwegian and Northern Finnish universities to meet in Tromsø, Norway to increase capacity and network amongst Arctic youth. During the course of the programme week the participants get the opportunity to partake in cross-cultural exchange, develop their own visions for the future of the […]

Science for Schools Conference

Nordnorsk Vitensenter Tromsø

The Science for Schools conference gathers 10th graders and high schoolers from around Tromsø in Nordnorsk Vitensenter. Students meet young researchers and present their own research projects. The purpose of Science for Schools is to convey new research and engage the younger generation in Arctic issues. Additionally, we aim to create an arena where young […]


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