Emerging Leaders

Tomorrow it matters more than ever

Participate in our Emerging Leaders program

Early career development and mentoring for young Arctic professionals

The journey from potential to power

The Emerging Leaders program is based around a theme related to the annual Arctic Frontiers conference. In 2023, the theme was “Green transition”. While travelling along the Northern Norwegian coast, the participants met, discussed, and engaged with representatives from regional management, business, academia, and relevant organisations along the travel route, before attending Arctic Frontiers when arriving in Tromsø.

Emerging Leaders Alumni Network

Through ten years of programs, Emerging Leaders has hosted over 230 participants from a range of backgrounds and nationalities with a focus on the Arctic. Over the years, these leaders have grown to establish and distinguish themselves in their respective fields. The Emerging Leaders Network thus represents a unique collective of early and mid-career professionals with interests in the Arctic. 


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