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Emerging Leaders Alumni Network

Through ten years of programs, Emerging Leaders has hosted over 230 participants from a range of backgrounds and nationalities with a focus on the Arctic. Over the years, these leaders have grown to establish and distinguish themselves in their respective fields. The Emerging Leaders Network thus represents a unique collective of early and mid-career professionals with interests in the Arctic. 

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The purpose of the Emerging Leaders Alumni Network is to facilitate cross-sectoral and cross-disciplinary communication and cooperation amongst the pan-Arctic and international network of Emerging Leaders Alumni. The Network also serves as a competence and knowledge hub. 

The Emerging Leaders Alumni Network strives to connect Emerging Leaders Alumni to each other and to other Arctic stakeholders. 

The Network aims to establish itself as a key stakeholder on Arctic issues and to get involved in important Arctic fora and platforms. The network will mobilize collective action among the Alumni to encourage their contribution to policy and decision-making processes. This will be achieved through Arctic Frontiers conference participation and potential panels with Arctic Frontiers partners.  

The Network strives to support a just and sustainable development, while cultivating purpose and empowerment for early and mid-career professionals in the Arctic. It will support its constituents through career development workshops, the dissemination of career and mentorship opportunities, and the establishment of a working Alumni directory to encourage collaborations. 

The Emerging Leaders Alumni Network also provides opportunities for professional, intellectual, and social interaction and is expected to amplify young professionals’ voices across the Arctic.  The Network will strengthen international, indigenous, and intercultural communication, and also aims to reach remote communities through the active engagement of the Alumni. Strong communication and community building will be fostered through bi-annual meetings and an active social media presence. 

Winter 2023 – Emerging Leaders Alumni Network Meeting 

Our first bi-annual meeting! This initial meeting will be a reunion event for the Emerging Leaders Alumni. It will also serve as an opportunity to identify the strategic initiatives in which the Network wishes to be involved and to increase communication and cooperation amongst Alumni.

March 2023 – Leadership Workshop:  Leadership Mindset and Networking Skills offered by Aya Leadership

A digital seminar for training and capacity building of leadership skills, transfer of knowledge of how to get involved in policy making processes.  

September 2023 – Leadership Workshop: Leadership Communication & Managing Conflict offered by Aya Leadership

A digital seminar aimed at improving one’s ability to manage conflict in the workplace and communicating with maximum effect through various management strategies.

Spring 2024 – Leadership Workshop: Developing Teams offered by Aya Leadership

A digital seminar focused on learning how to mentor a team, and how to build cohesive, resilient teams and strengthen performance, including from the perspective of a diverse work environment.

If you wish to reach the Emerging Alumni Leaders Network, please send your inquiry to [email protected] 


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