Julia Morales-Aguirre


Julia is an advisor at Arctic Frontiers where she focuses on building the Big Picture sessions, managing the Emerging Leaders program and Alumni Network, and boosting young Canadian engagement through the Global Arctic Leadership Initiative. Previously, she worked at Girls* on Ice managing alpine expeditions to teach young women geosciences and leadership and mountaineering skills within the context of the changing alpine environment and indigenous land stewardship. Julia has a master’s degree in geophysics from McGill University in Canada; her research focus has been on short timescale glacier mass loss in the Greenland ice sheet and hazard assessment for coastal communities using seismic analysis. Her work has also extended to oceanographic research in the Caribbean Sea and science communication and outreach for a broad range of audiences in Canada, Jamaica, and Cuba. Julia is originally from Montreal, Canada, and is fluent in English, French and Spanish – her mother tongue.  

[email protected]


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