15. September 2023

Science for Kids Program Sets Sail in Tromsø

Arctic Frontiers and Nordnorsk Vitensenteret have set the stage for an exciting scientific voyage and joined forces to host the “Science for Kids” program. Running its first Autumn 2023 sessions from September 12 to 14, 2023, this unique initiative is designed to ignite curiosity about research in young minds and foster a positive attitude towards knowledge and scientific inquiry.

“Science for Kids” is a multifaceted educational initiative that engages kindergarten students from seven different kindergartens. The program’s activities commence in the autumn, starting with an Inspiration Days on the shore where the children have the opportunity to interact with scientists and explore the beauty and complexity of the natural environment.

Exploring Natural Environments

Throughout the autumn, nursery staff receive guidance from Nordnorsk Vitensenteret to incorporate research thinking and pedagogy into their curriculum. Over the following weeks, the children delve into various themes, hypotheses, and experiments, with the choice of themes guided by the children themselves. Previous projects have explored a wide range of topics, from wind and darkness to sewage and plants.

One of the highlights of the program is the poster party held in January, where the children present their work. In January 2023, five kindergartens with a total of 81 children and 20 adults participated in this celebration of young scientific minds. 2024 is bound to set a new record with more than 100 children attending.

Inspiring Young Minds

In the current phase of the “Science for Kids” program, kindergarten students have embarked on a thrilling scientific journey at the Nordnorsk Vitensenteret. The adventure commenced with a warm welcome and an imaginative exploration aboard a simulated scientific vessel. Here, the children were introduced to the world of science, particularly marine science, and actively participated in the extraction of samples and marine creatures from the seafloor.

The scientific expedition led the children through various natural environments, including the open ocean, formidable icebergs, and icy landscapes, offering them a hands-on experience with marine research. The children were captivated by the diverse marine life residing on and beneath the seafloor, engaging in discussions and interactions with marine scientists to deepen their understanding.

As the “Science for Kids” program continues to unfold, it promises to inspire and shape the young minds of tomorrow, fostering a love for science and exploration among the kindergarten students of Tromsø.


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