Wiktoria Karolina Szapoczka

PhD Candidate, University of Bergen, Norway


Wiktoria Karolina Szapoczka is a PhD candidate at the University of Bergen (UiB), Norway. Her position is linked to the project “Novel sensor technology & anti-biofouling: pH sensor” at Smart Ocean, a centre for research-based innovation (SFI) funded by the Norwegian Research Council. The project is a collaboration with Bergen-based Aanderaa (a Xylem brand), NORCE and UiB. The project aims to develop a compact, stable, and affordable pH sensor for long-term use in seawater. In academia, long-term monitoring of pH levels in oceans is of great interest in climate and environmental research. This kind of pH level monitoring is currently absent from the market and will improve the environmental monitoring in, e.g., the Arctic waters.

Prior to this position, Wiktoria obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degree in analytical and environmental chemistry from UiB. She was a part of the EGGTOX project, a collaboration between UiB and the Institute of Marine Research, also funded by the Norwegian Research Council. The aim of the project was to unravel the mechanistic effects of crude oil toxicity during the early life stages of the Atlantic haddock, which has a spawning area around the Lofoten Islands, Norway. Wiktoria was born in Stettin, Poland, and moved to Sunnfjord, Norway, as a child, and thus always had a close relationship with the sea. To contribute to marine-related research at one of the best ocean universities in the world just made sense to her.


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