Linda Jarrett

Senior Advisor, The Research Council of Norway


I am a geographer with specialization in natural sciences. In my master and PhD I had a particular focus on the cryosphere, paleo-climate and climate change. My PhD was on ice patches (very small ice bodies) in central Norway, and part of a larger project which studied the effects of climate change on vulnerable alpine heritage environments. The project investigated ice patches present condition and development as natural systems, their glaciological and geomorphological characteristics, their potential as climate archives and their ability to maintain and protect organic artifacts (i.e wood arrow shafts, shoes, scare sticks etc) for over 5000 years at low altitudes

I love working in the intersection where nature meets society and am very passionate about working towards understanding and finding solutions for the ongoing climate and biodiversity crisis. I currently work at the Research Council of Norway in the department of climate and environment, a job I find very interesting as it sits in the point of intersection between research/knowledge production and politics/decision making. My job consists of investing money in research and innovation on behalf of the Norwegian government to ensure that this funding goes to credible, relevant and state of the art knowledge and innovation projects which again may serve as a knowledge foundation for well informed political decisions. This requires close contact with the research fields, staying up to date on research needs and contributing to build bridges between disciplines, research environments, sectors (public, private etc), trade and industry in Norway and internationally.


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