Frida Layti

PhD Candidate, University of Stavanger


Growing up in the oil capital of Norway, Stavanger, I was always curious and fascinated by the industry and engineering. This led me to a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Technology at the University of Stavanger. To gain a more interdisciplinary competency, I continued with a master’s degree in Industrial Economics. As one of my elective courses I chose Arctic Offshore Engineering at the University Centre in Svalbard. It was an unforgettable experience that not only thought me how to conduct safe operations and developments in the Arctic, but also introduced the unique society of Longyearbyen and the beautiful landscape around it. Following my studies, I stated as a field engineer at the world’s largest service and technology provider for the energy sector, Schlumberger. The job required high technical competency and strong problem-solving skills. I was sent on assignments around the world and built an international network.

However, I believe the greatest lesson I learnt from Schlumberger is their work with diversity and inclusion. Having colleagues with different backgrounds, cultures and competencies creates a unique work environment and better solutions, and so diversity and inclusion has become a great passion of mine. After working in the industry for five years, I felt the need to develop myself in a new and greener direction. I had become more aware of the environmental challenges we are facing and wanted to be a part of the transition that is happening. That’s why I in august 2022 started on the Ph.D. program in technology and science, with focus on green transition and innovation. I am still at the project proposal stage, but my vision is to investigate how the industry practically can transition, and include topics such as entrepreneurship, green investments, technology, and societal challenges.


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