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Session 5: Science moving the real world

Today, everything is on the move and so is the Arctic. The globe is more connected than ever and yet also more divided. Climate change impacts, geopolitical tensions, sea ice

Session 5: Science moving the real world

We produce new knowledge like never before. It is said that we have enough knowledge to solve the climate crisis. But are we capable of using newfound knowledge in political and business decision-making? Is science trusted by all? Are facts being exploited for wrong purposes and how can science be communicated correctly? How can we make science more available and applicable in the governance of our societies? Are businesses better structured to accommodate the latest science into their everyday work? Can innovative businesses be the push that puts science on the agenda of the politicians on all levels? How can we make science “travel” into decision-making?

This session will examine the mechanisms and structures that are in place, or should be in place, to ensure that decision making is knowledge-based, in general and in the Arctic in particular. Does knowledge-based mean pure academic science, traditional knowledge, or are there other sources that should be considered? Politicians, scientists, lobbyists, businessmen and representatives of indigenous communities from the Arctic and outside the region will share their perspectives on how to interpret the information and move them to the tables of the decision-makers.


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